New and updated names - Today

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James Andrew Barbour -, Broadway, Toronto, Phantom, 1989
Peter Anthony Clifton - Total, CSIRO, Manny, 2015, Noakes
Kaleb Abbas Gillani - Home Realty Inc, Home Realty, Right At Home, Right, Ontario
Emma Aiken-Jones - 2013, Ottawa, Aiken-Klar, Toronto, NS
Theodore Hatcher - Amherst, Boylston Ave, Pages, People, Results
Rose Squires - James, William, NL, John's, Funeral
Baptiste Johnson - Jean-Baptiste, Acadieville, Landry, LEBLANC, Marie
Jn Michel Lapointe - QC, Québec, Pintendre, Automobiles, il
David Arthur Isherwood - School, Windsor, Principal, Patent, White
Limmie Snell - Canton, Funk Limited, American, Alabama, WIKI
Casey Holland - Debra Purdy Kong, Deadly, Mystery, Opposite, Deadly Accusations
Grainger Nimmo - Calgary, AB, Grafton, Allison Grafton, Rockwood Custom Homes
Susan Kavanagh - NL, Ferryland, Contact, People, Mount Pearl
Sarah Anne Begum - Toronto, Amazon, QC, Osman, Kabori
Stella W. Howard - Followers, Vernon, Prophecy, Darkness, Prophecy of Darkness
Nancy Rosa Matos - 2013, Melissa Mazzuca, Pouco, Página, Bethlehem
Aline Lafreniere - QC, Québec, Canadian, CAAWS, Hubert QC
Jason Hume - Minnedosa, People, Pages, Minnedosa MB, Manitoba
Philip John Barber - 2013, Toronto, AB, BC, University
Marg Wilson - Toronto, Consulting, Ontario, Business, London
Charles Jean Sucsan - Office, Communications, Ontario, Francophone Affairs,
Haley Rush - Just Like, Only Better, Hollywood starlet whose, Veronica, Library
Dale Foote - Gander, Newfoundland, RCMP, NL, Phone
Reg Hingley - Truro, Pages, Nova Scotia, Phone, People Directory
Christopher Silva - Followers, 2011, CA, 2013, President
Jan Bailey - Mattia, 1995, Find People named, Cranbrook, BC
Anne Cécile Cyr - QC, Followers, Québec, St-Cyr, People
Vito Capobianco - Laval, Rue Des Baleares, People, Quebec, People Directory
Gabriela Jacobs - Published, J0L 1B0, N8A 4K9, Collections, Connections
Ian David Colgan - Director, LHIN, Central, Health, Senior
Pierre Henri Marcel - Quebec, Wednesday, QC, Saturday, Normandeau
Jo Cho - Korea, Institute, 2015, Answers, Technology
Linda Chauret - Gatineau, Chauret-Luck, QC, Charles-Desnoyers, Quebec
Amanda de Brito - Followers, Follower, Besteiras, Casos, Canada Answers
Harry Bazoian - Brantford, Broker, Real Estate, Twin City, Realty
Yvonne Maffei - My Halal Kitchen, Kitchen, Ramadan, Cooking, Muslim
Rachel Catherine - Ontario, Family, Genealogy, Cemetery, George
Ann Marie Dolan - Canadian, Film Festival, Wednesday, International Film Festival, Toronto International Film
Karen Elizabeth Doig - James, Colborne, Family, Followers, History
Grégory Kam - Chris, Kroatien, HI, Ottawa, Thanks
Kelly Ann Gibb - BC, AB, 2013, Phone, Comox
Too Pac Shakur - Amaru, Tupac, PoLL!What, PORIRUUAAAA, Montréal
Rebecca Jane Baird - Toronto, Marriages, Gallery, 2013, New Brunswick
Lily Wilson - 2013, Ontario, 2011, Toronto, Smith
Heather Davies - Followers, Toronto, Theatre, Stanzell rec, London
Elizabeth Anne Leigh - Followers, Parrish, World, Books, Owner
Andrea Theophilos - Insight Vacations, PAXnews, Marketing Manager, Parucha, INNOVATIVE
Joseph Davies - 2011, Windows, Ambassador, Moscow, IPv6
Edward Deighan - Cecil, March, Summerside, Island, Sunday
Taru Elfving - Archipelago, Contemporary Art, Books, Eija-Liisa, Ahtila